Coming to the Roulant: a Seed Library!

Agriculture, Urban Agriculture

A very exciting new project is coming to the Roulant! As part of their summer Urban Agriculture internship, our staff member Tali has decided to build a seed library!

This library will allow anyone from the Roulant community to come “borrow” seeds any time they wish. The general idea is that people come at the beginning of the season and take as many seeds as they think they’ll need for their garden, grow out their beautiful vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and then collect and return the seeds back to the library at the end of the season! The goal of this project is to increase accessibility and knowledge-sharing among the growing urban agriculture community. Everyone should have access to the means of food production!

For more information on the seed library and on the urban agriculture program, come by next Thursday, July 19th for our annual summer cultural event Rue Fermier, where we will be showcasing the program and inaugurating the seed library for the very first time! There will be food, music, tours, and a special seed paper-making workshop animated by the urban agriculture interns. We can’t wait to see you!

For more specific questions about seed saving or the seed library, feel free to email us at or

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