The farm is moving to rhythm of autumn


Last big push before the winter! On the farm, the tasks are diversified and are not lacking. We must already anticipate for the next season while continuing to harvest for our organic baskets and the kitchen.

The summer and hot weather is already over, but there are still three weeks of organic baskets to provide, and the help of our volunteers is even more precious during this time of the year.

In the greenhouses, the production of beef tomatoes and cherry tomatoes is still very bountiful. The heat stored in the tunnels also allows the peppers and aubergines to continue to ripen.

In the fields, the last sowing and implantations were made. Beans, spinach, lettuce, winter radish, Chinese cabbage are in good stead. It is also the time of the big harvests for autumn produce and preservative vegetables: leeks, carrots, beets, squash… As for the garlic and the onions, whose bulbs were carefully cleaned, dry slowly in the greenhouse.

In parallel with the harvest, the maintenance of crops and the usual work in the fields, our farmers also preparing for the end of the season. The gardens then take on a new look: the finished crops are mowed and returned to the ground, then covered with tarpaulins. Green manure is sown on bare plots to feed the land and protect it from erosion during the winter. Very soon, more than 8000 cloves of garlic will have to be sown for production next year. This keeps the gardening team busy until the end of the year.

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