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With a sound economic climate, Montrealers can rest easy knowing that this year has had good financial health. This may have also benefited you. During these prosperous times, especially over the holidays, families often take the opportunity to invest financially in their well-being or that of their loved ones in ways they couldn’t have done before, both for the short and long-term.

This winter, we would like to invite you to invest in the well-being of your peers and of your community.

Donate today!

The community talks about giving back

Fellow members of the community explain how they have been taking care of Montrealers this year.

Investing in the present for those who have less

No matter which day of the week you read this text, Santropol Roulant volunteers will certainly have delivered a colourful, fresh, delicious, hot meal to someone seeking to improve their food autonomy. A conversation between volunteers and clients such as Mrs. Adams and Mr. Dupuis, both of whom have been receiving meals for more than three years, may have added to the pleasure of the delivery. Through these and other exchanges with clients, we hope to add a boost of wellness to the days of those who have not benefited from the city’s good financial health this year.

Donate today!

If Montrealers do not take care of Montrealers, who will?

By supporting Santropol Roulant, you are investing in Montrealers’ present and future. As the year ends, The Roulant is embarking on a new strategic planning process that will evolve in new directions, objectives and activities throughout 2019. We are extremely excited about this, but we will need all of your contributions to be ambitious in order to maintain the exceptional quality of the work we are already doing. If we love this city and want to take care of it and its inhabitants, we must take responsibility and invest to make it a better place for all to live.

How to contribute:
    • Donate online through CanadaHelps
    • Send a cheque to 111 Roy East, Montreal QC, H2W 1M1 (please include your address, phone # and email)
    • Come by to drop off your donation at our office. We’d be happy to thank you in person!

With much gratitude, the Roulant team wishes you a happy holiday season!

Pier Liné
Executive Director

P.S. To receive a tax receipt that can be included in your 2018 tax return, we ask that you please make your donation before December 31st.

Read the full winter fundraising letter here:

Download (PDF, 4.29MB)

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