Urban Agriculture Workshops for 2019

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Whether you have planned to do more gardening in 2019, or want to learn more about our food systems or simply dream about growing your own tomatoes …

Our series on urban agriculture workshops for the general public is made for you!

Whatever your motivations, it’s the beginning of a new year and, with it, our ideas to prepare you for your next agricultural summer! This series of workshops is created according to the rhythm of the seasons, so that as your vegetables grow, you will have the techniques and knowledge to take care of them.

This is just the first call to give you a taste about what the 2019 workshops would look like this summer. 3 weeks before the first workshop, an other blog post will be made and spread in the newsletter and a Facebook event will be create to confirm the date, the hours, the prices and the material that you need to bring. So the best way to know the next steps is to continue to follow our web site, Facebook page and newsletter!

Here is the proposed schedule for 2019:

Learn how to make your own seedlings

February 26 and March 6 – Come and try to grow your favorite vegetables from the seed to start your season indoors before temperatures warm up. This workshop will have a theoretical and practical part. The participants will leave home with a seedbed to start their vegetable garden.

Construction of a self-watering container

April 2 and 10 – Build your own gardening bin that will allow you to grow where you want in addition to using a system that requires less watering!

Gardening 101 workshop

May 14 and 22 – Discover (or refresh your memory) aspects of gardening to consider such as the biology of vegetable plants, transplantation to basic maintenance.

Gardening 201 workshop

June 12 and 18 – Keep your garden healthy, free of disease, while the season is well underway! Theoretical workshop on the most common diseases and practical part on how to make a homemade ecological fertilizer.

Insects : Friends and foes

July 24 and 30 – Many insects and other living things inhabit our gardens and are sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. Come learn to identify the most common and understand their role in the agricultural ecosystem.

Harvest workshop

August 14 – As all our gardens reach their peak, we invite you to join us in the Terraces Roy for practical information sessions on the subject of “How to Harvest”.

Seed saving workshop

September 10 and 18 – Immerse yourself in the art of harvesting and saving seeds to be even more ready next year!

Composting workshop

TBD – Come learn how to feed your gardens with composting. This workshop will be held in two sessions within a window of 6 to 8 weeks to fully understand the different stages of the process.

For more information about theses workshops, contact Marie-Anne by email or call: 514-284-9335

To give a taste of what awaits you, here is a video that shows the evolution of the garden on the green roof of Santropol Roulant throughout the summer of 2018!

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