Summer Jobs for Youth at Santropol Roulant

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In collaboration with other youth skill development programs, Santropol Roulant seeks to engage youth each year in our programming by creating temporary paid positions that are exciting, challenging and fun in a variety of our program areas. If you’re under 30 and looking for a summer job that pays above minimum wage in the community sector after your university term ends, read on – this post is for you!

Summer Farming Jobs – Grab your Sunscreen
This year we’re offering three summer positions in Senneville. If you’re interested in learning all about organic farming and want to see what that looks like in a non-profit context, do we have the opportunity for you! We’re looking for three summer workers to help in the fields – a place where you can put your green thumb, your love of the outdoors and your community spirit to good use. Help us grow food to nourish our community! This opportunity is perfect for those that live in Ste. Anne de Belleviille, near John Abbott or McGill MacDonald campus, or those that are comfortable commuting by train or bike everyday. The perfect opportunity if you’re looking to develop some experience in sustainable agriculture. 

Summer Volunteer Coordination Jobs – Call me, Maybe?
Downtown, we’re also looking for help coordinating our volunteers. With two positions in our volunteer program beginning in April, we’re looking for bilingual candidates that can help connect our volunteers to dozens of opportunities at the Roulant. These positions are perfect for outgoing candidates, comfortable getting out there, calling and checking in with volunteers daily to help fill our delivery and meal prep schedules. Imagine – your opportunity to be a dispatcher and work with passionate volunteers. Stay late and welcome back our volunteers from their delivery routes.

Urban Agriculture and Food Preservation – Yum! 
We’ll also be looking for two folks that can help us in our urban gardens, and another to help in our food preservation program. Imagine exploring agriculture with people of all ages! If you have experience in cooking, gardening, giving workshops, working with volunteers, or in food preparation and preservation, step right up!

Please visit our open application to submit your candidacy, and make sure to mention the opportunity that is most interesting to you. We’re excited to work with youth this summer – these positions run from April to August in our intergenerational community and it begins with you!

A special thanks to our funding the United Nations Association of Canada, Canada Summer Jobs, Emploi Québec. Young Canada Works and Agriculture Canada for their ongoing support in creating skill development opportunities for young people each year.

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  1. Alessia Gadoua

    Hi! This job posting looks amazing! But I won’t be in town this summer, will you be looking again for next summer?

    1. Catherine Johnston

      Hi there, thank you for your interest! We will definitely be looking for people next summer as well!

  2. Élyanne Coursol-Dion

    Hi there!
    I am more than interested by the Summer Volunteers Coordination position, but I was wondering if it was possible to have more details about the working conditions? Are these full-time positions? Are the positions available from April to August? When is the deadline to apply for these positions? I tried looking for the details, but couldn’t find them. Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Catherine Johnston

      Hello there,

      More information about these job positions will be coming out shortly! Stay tuned :)

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