From Sprint to Marathon – COVID-19 Response Continues

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Klaus et Chris échangent lors du brunch

Dear amazing community members,

By helping us stabilize for the past month and a half, you’ve shown us that we do have the capacity to continue as an organization, provided the right resources. We want to share with you what we’ve been able to accomplish with your support and what we’re planning to do.

Six new staff members have been hired in the kitchen, as well as two new farmers. The kitchen is equipped with more sanitization materials and equipment, making our services safer and more efficient. All of our systems for signing up volunteers and keeping track of client orders are online. We are delivering more meals than ever, and we are prioritizing new clients, particularly those in precarious health and financial situations.

These unprecedented circumstances have created an opportunity for testing our capacity and our systems. We have learned a lot as an organization, and we want to build on that learning to continue growing our impact.

What does growing our impact look like, you ask?

The current climate of social distancing is putting people living with reduced mobility even further into isolation. Although they continue to receive food, daily moments of social interaction with our volunteers have changed. Santropol Roulant prides itself on being a resource not only for fresh homemade food, but also for care and inclusion. In the months to come, we want to continue caring for our clients in a way that’s safe and sustainable. Reinforcing our client program with resources to maintain regular contact with clients is an instrumental way to do this.

Looking to the farm, the team is hard at work preparing for a busy summer of organic basket deliveries. We recognize that many Montrealers are facing food insecurity at this time, and we want to create even more access to fresh produce. To do this in a safe way, we need extra equipment and vehicles for basket deliveries.

Our emergency response thus far has been strong. As the emergency evolves from a sprint to a marathon, however, the medium and long-term needs of scaling up and community building will become more and more critical. This is where you come in. We will continue to update you on these longer-term needs, and we will ask you to consider committing to the sustainability of the Roulant as we all face a new normal together. Santropol Roulant is also part of a network of local initiatives working hard to care for the community. These organizations also deserve your support with their emergency response!

Your support in the past month and a half has been absolutely invaluable. In this time of crisis and uncertainty, your generosity has kept us going. You’ve taken care of hundreds of seniors living alone in Montreal with reduced mobility and autonomy. You continue to provide them with the safest food option possible, with fresh, homemade meals being delivered to their door 5 days a week. From fresh vegetables in the kitchen to sanitization materials for delivery shifts, your contributions have allowed us to overhaul our processes and keep our community as safe as possible while providing an essential service. The outpouring of emergency support has been overwhelming and stabilizing. It’s with this stability that we look to the near future, and keep you in our minds and hearts as new long-term realities continue to emerge.

None of this could be possible without you.

Lots of love,

Tara & the Fundraising Team

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