Contaminated Seedlings


Véro travaille dans la serre

Although the early season tests came back negative, everything now seems to indicate that the nightshade seedlings from the farm and our gardens downtown are infected with bacterial canker.

To those who took Solanaceae seedlings at the Roulant in recent weeks (peppers, cherry tomatoes, eggplant…): please destroy the seedlings and discard them. Do not put them in a composter. If you have brought these plants to a community or collective garden, please inform the garden administrators.

To basket partners: we will find alternative solutions by diversifying our production of other seedlings and by sourcing certain vegetables from partners to guarantee great diversity in the composition of your baskets.

To learn more about nightshade, click here, to learn more about bacterial canker, click here.

We are very sorry for the damage caused by this situation. From the farm to downtown, we make every effort to control the spread in the short, medium and long term.

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