How are you? Caring Calls in Times of Quarantine

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Since the very beginning of Santropol Roulant, one of the components of our work has been social inclusion. During meal deliveries, volunteers usually interact with clients, even momentarily; just like a short visit that can have an uplifting impact on the clients.

Unfortunately, since the COVID19 pandemic, one of our prevention measures has been not to enter in contact with the Meals-on-Wheels clients.

Simultaneously, many devoted volunteers at higher risk are having to stay home and haven’t been able to participate since the pandemic.

We brought these two challenges together to set in place a caring calls program. Seven golden volunteers have been calling every week since mid-March our 160+ clients, taking the time to ask them how they are doing.

We would like to give special thanks to Jean-Marc, Karen, Georgette, Patricia, Suzie, Susan and Katéri for lending a precious ear during these difficult times.


To read a Radio-Canada article about Jean-Marc’s implication, click here.

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