Your 2020 AGM

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on and Pier together with the entire team will present the achievements of the 2019 year and the organization’s financial results, plus you will be able to vote for the members of the next board of directors. Since this event will be online, please help us out by registering in advance. While we can’t meet you at the Roulant, we can’t wait to see you online!

The livestream will be available here

For you to interact with others watching live and to ask questions during the event, please use the live chat function beside the video. 2 staff members will be watching the chat and making sure questions are recorded for the assembly to answer during the 3 question periods.

Feel free to communicate in French or English.

You will need to login with a Google account and follow the instructions to use the chat. If you are unable to login, you can still watch the event without using the chat. If you are unable to login and you have a question you would like to have answered by the assembly, please call the Roulant and we’ll make sure your question is recorded.


17:00Doors open (online) and registration
18:00Opening of the assembly
18:15Staff presentation and 2019 highlights
18:25Board presentation
18:35Strategic plan presentation
18:45Question period
19:05Candidates presentation
19:20Question period for candidates
20:00Vote closes
20:00Question period
20:20Results of elections
20:30Closing of assembly

Documents & Voting Instructions


  • If you registered for the AGM before May 28th, you should have received an email containing all of the documents you need to make it through the event.
  • If you registered for the event on May 28th, all of these documents will be available to you in the description box of the YouTube video stream.
  • Don’t worry if you didn’t have time to read the documents before the event, you can look at them starting at 5:00pm, and also during the event for reference! Almost all of this information will be repeated during the event.


We are using an online voting system this year called Helios. We’ve tested it out and it is a fast and simple process! The whole ordeal only takes a couple of minutes.

Here’s what you need to know:

Please register to attend the AGM if you want to vote. We need your contact information to send you what you need.

Please wait until the designated voting period during the event to cast your vote.

You will need 2 things to cast your vote:
  1. Voting link
  2. Your login information for the online voting system
Voting Link
  • It has been emailed to you if you registered to attend the AGM before May 28th
  • You can also find it in the description box of the YouTube live stream if you registered to attend the AGM on May 28th.
Login Information
  • Keep an eye on your email inbox and spam folder! A message from “Helios Voting Admin” will arrive on May 28th telling you how to log in. This process is very fast.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you can cast your vote!

If you are unable to vote online, we have a backup option! Please call 514-316-5900, and a volunteer will take your vote over the phone.

If you have a question about voting, please call the Roulant at 514-284-9335.

Questions or Tech Problems during the event

Please call the Roulant at 514-284-9335 for questions about the following:

  • Accessing information
  • Voting questions or issues
  • If you are unable to use the chat and have a question to bring to the assembly

Please be patient as there may be a high volume of calls. If your call does not get answered, wait a couple of minutes and call back. We have 3 staff members ready to help you.

If you have missed anything during the event, a recording of the event will be available in the upcoming days. Thank you for your patience and support, we hope your systems run smoothly!

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