A New Dynamic Team

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l'équipe de la ferme dans le champ d'ail

At the office, Chelsea has completed her tenure in the volunteer program. After 9 months of rubbing shoulders with volunteers and clients daily, Chelsea has decided to seek a more agricultural aspect to her work. She will be traveling between Ferme du Roulant and other farms during the summer.

Ellen is joined by Fiona, the new dispatcher at the volunteer program. If you are a volunteer on our lists, it is very likely that you will receive a call from her.

The kitchen welcomed a new community cook. Nader will be a great support to the kitchen team that has been working in rotation since the start of the pandemic. He will not hesitate to prepare desserts, let alone share them.

After almost a year, Brooke is back from maternity leave. She will now hold an internal consultant position mainly with the Meals-on-Wheels program. Her great energy and optimism will be of great use to the office!

With the agricultural season well underway, the Ferme du Roulant team is already well established. Virginie is at the helm, while Véro and Erin manage greenhouse production and field and tunnel production respectively. The trio is joined by Maya who manages the baskets and Chelsea who will be a farm hand.

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