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L'équipe du Roulant à la ferme

The Roulant is a large ship that moves forward thanks to its talented crew. In good weather as in storms, the ship makes its way and allows its team to develop skills and live experiences while participating in the life of the community. At the height of summer, 41 people were simultaneously employed by the Roulant. Occasionally, once in port, crew members disembark and make way for relief.

While this post aims to highlight the departure (past or future) of some of those people who have added their magic to the Roulant, a future post will feature the boarding of new crew members!

Jérémie Vienneau

Our ornithologist-cook has chosen to take up new challenges, after having been near or far from the Roulant since 2013. Starting as a volunteer and ending as co-manager of the kitchen, Jérémie always knew how to feed the community in an original way, whether for the Meals-on-Wheels program, events or meetings. We already miss his singing, his enthusiasm and his love of group games! Aidan takes over as the Kitchen Programs Manager.

Marie-Anne Viau

The Roulant’s sensitive gardener-fortune-teller, who since 2017 has made the gardens flourish and shares her love for everything related to agriculture and beekeeping, is going back to school. Marie-Anne is undertaking a master’s degree at the Institut de recherche en biologie végétale de l’Université de Montréal. Of course, she stays near the Roulant and we will be able to hear her unique laughter for a few more weeks. We wish her the best of luck in her projects which have the potential to redefine how we see and use urban spaces. Magali will become Manager of the Urban Agriculture Program.

Taowa Munene-Tardif

After over 6 years gravitating around the organization, the Roulant’s IT systems mage chose to take up new challenges with the student associations of the colleges of Maisonneuve and Bois-de-Boulogne. After tens of terabytes of backups, long hours spent repairing access points or migrating servers that allow us to work and connect with the community, we thank them for all the work done for the technological health of the Roulant. Gautam will take over in the next few weeks.

Emily Brown

A quiet force, Emily has brought the Roulant’s campaigns to life through her art. You may have been lucky enough to receive a signed card from her hand, if you’ve made a donation in the past few months. She is returning closer to her family in the UK and we wish her to continue to amaze with her drawing! Charles-Auguste, will take over the role of administrative assistant.

Shane Hunt

Shane arrived just before the COVID-19 storm as a community cook. He knew how to adapt the shifts while cooking delicious meals, including the memorable sugar shack meal. Not someone who gives up when facing a challenge, Shane is undertaking a Masters in Forest Science at UBC, from a distance, while preparing for an impromptu marathon between the downtown office and the Ferme du Roulant!

Nader Kadour

One of the last community cooks to arrive at the Roulant, Nader received an offer he couldn’t refuse: to become manager for Les potagers des nues mains in Sutton. While taking the rhythm of the Roulant and its community, this kind friend chose to continue his training in intensive organic farming in the Eastern Townships, in order to grow food in a way that is good for people and the planet. He has promised to return for a few volunteer shifts as early as November.

Megan, Lizzie (and maybe you?) are jumping in to help out in the kitchen as community cooks!

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