Relive the Community (Day)Tour


Due to the restrictions on in-person meetings, we have chosen to celebrate our community in a very Roulant way: by delivering goody bags to members of the community. Team members and volunteers took to the road to deliver thoughtfully designed bags representing each of our programs and spreading love across town.

Thus, the members of the team splitted into 8 groups to deliver the Roulant from Rosemont to Côte-des-Neiges, through Downtown, Hochelaga, Centre-Sud, Outremont and Westmount, without forgetting the Plateau. On foot, by bike or by car, the teams crisscrossed the roads to bring happiness and say thank you to people who are very dear to the Roulant.

Among the gifts were homemade products such as honey mustards, jellies, jams and preserves, a cap and a bag bearing the image of the Roulant whose logos were redesigned for the occasion, kombucha, flowers from the rooftop and a copy of the annual report that we were unable to give at the AGM.

The delivery of these packages was the moment for members of the team to reconnect with clients and for some people, it was the occasion to meet them for the first time.

Such was the case for Megan, a community cook who joined the kitchen team in August and who had not yet made a delivery. She was able to meet one of our oldest clients and chat for a few minutes with, in addition to sharing recipes and stories. Then Mike and Megan got to discuss culinary nuances with none other than Jitendra, a pillar of the community. Jitendra was able to comment on the meals and make sure he received meals that were a little spicier. This show once again the level of care that goes towards preparing and customizing the meals.

“I am feeling incredibly lucky to be able to put a face, even a masked one, on the names I see every day and see the impact that a meal can have in the life of seniors.” –Megan

Despite the uncertain weather, the teams continued on their way, and at the end of the afternoon, a rainbow guided them towards the Roulant where the farmer’s market was held and where discussions on the lived experience abounded!

A rainbow guiding everyone to the Roulant

“Clients rarely receive a visit from a group of more than two people. It was really a bonus to be able to be so much and that makes that attention even more spectacular. There is something amazing about bringing an event to people who can no longer come to see us due to their level of mobility.” –Pier

On the return trip, Fiona and James hosted a trivia night that was greatly appreciated by the community and the team, and which, given the circumstances, will likely return! Thank you to all the people involved directly or indirectly in the success of this day and particularly to Marie-Anne for the organization and we wish you the best of success in your research projects!

See some shots captured by our awesome delivery teams!

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