4 Ways to Double Your Seasonal Giving


Santropol Roulant has just launched its 2020 Winter Campaign, and you may be wondering how you can make your engagement go the extra mile in increasing food security and social inclusion in your city this winter and beyond. While donations in any amount are extremely appreciated, there are a few simple and effective ways you can double your personal impact this year.

1. Double Your Donation Through Your Employer’s Charitable Matching Program

One of the easiest ways to double your giving is to find out if your employer has a Charitable Matching Program. Through such a program, your employer will match donations made by employees to non-profit organizations like Santropol Roulant, dollar-for-dollar and sometimes more! In some cases, employers even match volunteer hours with a donation. What could better than seeing your $50 donation turn into $100, your $500 donation turn into $1000? It’s that simple!

  • See if your employer is in the Double Your Donation database, or contact your Human Resources department directly to see if they have a Matching Program for donations or volunteer hours.
  • If you are an employer with a Matching Program, make sure to circulate the information to your employees to empower them to support causes that matter to them. 
  • No matching program? Encourage your company to start one, or to get in touch with Melanie to start a conversation around Corporate Engagement.

2. Transform a Cancelled Holiday Party into an Opportunity for Community Impact

Do you traditionally host or attend a holiday gathering in December that has had to be cancelled due to public health recommendations? While Covid-19 has kept us from gathering in person, there are still ways to spread some holiday cheer and to keep Montrealers well-fed and connected.

  • Ask your company to donate the unused costs for the office staff party to Santropol Roulant.
  • Ask your colleagues, friends or teammates to pool together and donate what they would have spent on drinks, Secret Santa gifts, or potluck ingredients.

Then, you can then schedule a post-donation video chat to toast and celebrate your collective impact. Cheers to you!

3. The Simple, Automatic Way to Give

Avoid the mad dash of December giving, when you’ve got other holiday plans to think about! This year, why not sign up for a simple way of giving that allows you to make automatic donations, spread out over the course of a year, so that you can focus on your impact rather than your cash flow. All this, while helping ensure Santropol Roulant has a predictable source of funding for long-term organizational sustainability and stability. It’s win-win-win!

  • Contact your employer’s Human Resources Department to see if they have a Charitable Payroll Giving Program, that will automatically deduct an amount of your choice on a schedule that works for you.
  • Become a monthly donor directly with Santropol Roulant online or by contacting Tara at tara@santropolroulant.org

4. Reduce Your Footprint, Increase Your Impact

Is this the year that you plan to ask your friends and family not to buy you any gifts? Perhaps you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint, or maybe you have everything you need? Then why not take the opportunity to share with them your favourite cause, and if they really want to give a gift, ask them to make a donation on your behalf. 

  • Send this donation link to your family and friends and ask them to leave a special note with the donation

However you choose to spread some cheer this holiday season, know that all of us at Santropol Roulant are extremely grateful to have you as part of this community. We appreciate each gesture of time, care and attention you make to help your community thrive. Thank you!