Become a watchful whip-poor-will


The Safer Spaces Committee, also known as the Watchful whip-poor-wills, is looking for volunteer committee members to continue the implementation of the Safer Space Policy.

Do you want the Roulant to be an even more welcoming space where everyone can bring their individuality and thrive?

Here is what you’ll do as a volunteer committee member:

  • Promote safer space as defined by this policy;
  • Review and update the policy on a regular basis in accordance with the Act respecting Labour Standards in Québec; in the interest of a healthy and safe working environment for all organizational members; and to ensure that this policy meets the needs of the organization;
  • Provide support and guidance to members with questions or concerns about the policy;
  • Educate all members on issues related to harassment in its many forms, as well as bullying and discrimination.
  • Develop strategies, tools and communication materials that promote the creation of a safer and inclusive space for all of our community members;
  • Receive and investigate reports and complaints about harassment;
  • Guide parties through the processes outlined in the policy;
  • Make determinations and, in the instance of substantiated claims, determine appropriate remedies and corrective action;
  • Ensure that this policy is applied in a timely, consistent and confidential manner.

Currently, the committee is in need of new members with the following skills, interest and demonstrated experience in any of the following areas

  • Commitment to the main objective of the policy – inclusion, safer space, and developing intervention strategies to prevent bullying and harassment in all its forms;
  • Mediation and conflict resolution skills: comfort with conflict and an interest to act as a third party;
  • Comfort deliberating on tough issues, issuing remedial and disciplinary actions and maintaining composure in emotionally charged situations;
  • Communicating in English and French with different audiences on issues related to the safer spaces policy;
  • Familiarity with the milieu, training organizations or toolkits on the subject of safer space and non-harassment;
  • Artistic and creative ability (writing, drawing, photography and graphic design).

If you are interested in joining the work of the committee, please share a letter of interest with the committee at explaining why you’d be interested in joining the committee and the skills you’d like to bring to our work. Your participation is crucial to making sure we have a global vision of safer space, at all levels and in all corners of our community.