Your Fundraising Talent for Social Change


Fundraising can be a powerful means of achieving social change in your community. If you feel passionate about the Roulant’s mission, uplifting your community, or learning how to build relationships with a vast community of donors and financial partners, this opportunity could be for you!

The Fundraising Officer assists the fundraising team in implement strategies to engage with our network of financial supporters and to educate donors and financial partners around Fundraising for Social Change and the principles of Community-Centric Fundraising.

The work of this position centers around writing fundraising appeals, producing fundraising activities, campaigns and events, recognition and relationship building with individual and corporate donors, maintaining data concerning our donors and partners and communicating with our community on fundraising and social entrepreneurship opportunities.

This is a part-time permanent role (21 hours per week). Submit your letter of interest and resume today!

Application deadline is  November 12th, 2021 at 9am however we’ll be accepting application until this posting is removed.

To help you with your application, you can read more about applying for a job at Santropol Roulant. Don’t hesitate to contact Jamiey by email if you have any questions about eligibility requirements or the application process.

Picture: Ivan Arturo Escobar 2021