Fresh Ingredients All Year Long


Since 2012, the Roulant has been one of the 288 organizations supported by Moisson Montréal, the largest food bank in Quebec. The only financial exchange of this partnership is an annual share of $5 which allows the Roulant to obtain quality ingredients all year long, free of charge.

As a food bank, Moisson Montréal collects donations of food and basic products throughout the year and redistributes them to community organizations in Montreal.

While we try to maximize the supply of produce from the Ferme du Roulant and our urban gardens throughout the agricultural season, as a Meals-on-Wheels service with a fixed menu, it is important that we ensure a steady supply of ingredients throughout the year. Thus, Moisson Montréal is a crucial resource for us during the winter months.

Once a week, from fall to late spring, a team of volunteers goes to the Moisson Montréal warehouse during our assigned time slot to pick up the ingredients we need for our meals (vegetables, fruit, bread, eggs). We are required to respect the cold chain standards for the transportation and distribution of food, from the warehouse to our cold rooms.

As a member organization of Moisson Montréal, we participate annually in Food Banks Canada’s HungerCount, which provides a portrait of food aid at the provincial and federal levels. Moisson Montréal also organizes workshops and consultation sessions in which our kitchen has participated on various occasions.

Would you like to lend a hand and be on the front lines of this partnership? Be part of the volunteers who will be retrieving food by contacting us by email or by talking to the Meals-on-Wheels team!