2023 AGM Recap: of governance and gratitude

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On April 30, the Roulant reopened its doors for the first time in four years for the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM)! Over 109 voting members, neighbors and friends gathered in person (148 people in total, including clients and online participants) to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a community over the past year and to elect the new Board of Directors.

Among our participants, 122 votes were cast, including 34 from our clients and community members who voting from home to elect six of the seven candidates. Your interest in and commitment to the Roulant’s governance helps ensure democratic elections that allow members to choose their own representatives.

Congratulations to Camille De Grandpré, David Ouellet, Emilie Poitout, Florence Chaussé, Lorenzo Daieff, and Sophie Papineau, who were elected as new members of our Board of Directors for a two-year term. They will join Claire Aubert, Eloise Haliburton and Gabrielle Paris Gagnon in providing leadership, direction and oversight of our work in the coming years.

Couldn’t attend the AGM or want to relive the experience? You can watch all or part of it on our YouTube page here.

Thank you for coming out and participating in the democratic life of the Roulant!

While waiting for the next one, here are some pictures from this year’s AGM:

Photos by Ivan Arturo Escobar
Photos by Pierre Inglebert