Unveiling the 2023 Annual Report

Communications, Gouvernance

In line with spring tradition, we welcome the unveiling of the 2023 Annual Report, offering a recap of the Roulant’s activities, victories, and challenges from the previous year, complete with stunning photos of the community. 

This time, the theme of “growing partnerships” has emerged delicately and effortlessly through each page as the natural focal point of 2023…. and Santropol Roulant is all about it!  Every day, together, we foster meaningful relationships between community members: clients, volunteers, donors, and neighbors of the Roulant, who have chosen its walls as a place to foster inclusion and belonging. The organization’s staff are dedicated to fostering relationships with both new and existing partners, who are essential in expanding our impact in the areas of social inclusion, food security, and community engagement in Montreal. These partnerships encompass various forms of support, including financial backing, contributions of goods or services, and gestures of care such as time, discounts, and expertise, all aligned with our mission. Collaborating with key players like Comm-Un, Plein Milieu, Welcome Mission Hall and Mission Old Brewery has led to the creation of initiatives empowering our community to cook and share good food, as well as harness the transformative power of social agriculture. Together, we strive to build a healthy community that enriches our world, a commitment that this Annual Report is dedicated to presenting. 

Below we’ve included the Annexe from our yearly report to the Quebec Government’s Programme de soutien aux organismes communautaires (PSOC), which dives into more detail about the Roulant’s collaboration with other organizations, the types of non-financial support we benefit from, the trainings the Roulant team has undergone, the Roulant’s participation and concertation in the sector, and more. Both this document and the Annual Report are important tools for communicating the Roulant’s work and impact back to our funders, and we thought it important that the community have access to them too!

Printed copies of the Annual Report are available at the Roulant, so come get yours today!

Happy reading!