Annual General Meeting on March 27th!

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Don’t miss out on the governance event of the year! Santropol Roulant’s Annual General Meeting is more than an annual discussion about our hopes and dreams, our successes and misses, it’s a chance for our members to dig into the work we did in 2013 and our plans for 2014. However, most importantly, it is an opportunity for you to ask us why and how we make the decisions we make.

What happens at the AGM?

First and foremost, it is a Roulant event! There will be good food and space for conversation. The focal points of the evening will be electing new members to our Board of Directors,reviewing our financial statements and bylaw changes and plans for the future.

Thank you to all the amazing candidates who ran for our Board of Directors! See you next year for another AGM.

Who votes for the Board of Directors?

All members of The Roulant are eligible to vote. A member is anyone who has received a meal, made a donation, volunteered or worked at The Roulant in the last year. Voting is done by ballot the night of the AGM.

I’m a member, do I have to attend?

No, but we’d certainly like if you did. The more members who attend, the richer the night and the better the conversations will be. Our work is meant to be informed by our membership. Informally, this happens every day but the AGM is the formal instance for member input and we want to take full advantage of it.

Okay, I’m in! What’s next?

Come to the AGM on March 27th, starting at 5:30pm atour offices (111 Roy Est, corner Coloniale). The formal part of the evening will start at 6pm, and we intend to finish the night by 9pm. Click here for the Agenda of the evening!

This year at the AGM: Proposed Changes to Bylaws

Santropol Roulant is governed by a set of bylaws or rules proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by its members. At this year’s Annual General Meeting, to conform to Canada’s new Not-for-profit Corporations Act, Santropol Roulant is updating its bylaws.

Click here to see our proposed new bylaws (or you can come by our office), click here to see the resolutions members will be voting on and if you just want to see the most important proposed bylaw changes, you can click here.

Do I need to RSVP?

No, but if you want more info, you can contact Naomi via email or phone at 514-284-9335. If you would like to volunteer the night of the AGM and help out during the evening, please call the office or swing by and sign up!

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