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In December we launched our 20th anniversary cookbook: Learning From Our Elders. This book is the result of a series of workshops held in 2015, where seniors from different cultural backgrounds shared cooking techniques, recipes and their love of food with community members. Watch this interview about the project with coordinator Léa Maude.

Over the next several weeks we will share some of the great stories, photos and recipes from Learning From Our Elders and we’re eager to hear your comments about the recipes that you try at home. The full version of the book is also available in our General Store.

The first set of recipes are perfect for these chilly (or rainy) winter days: Winter carrot soup, Khol’s nuss and Chocolate mousse!

Felice Heller is a regular meals-on-wheels client. She lived in Germany and then New York before coming to Montreal with her husband.

These three recipes remind her of three periods in her life: the chocolate mousse was her mother’s specialty when Felice was a child, the kohl’s nuss recipe reminds her of the Danish friend who taught it to her when she was 18 and the soup was something she would make for her own children.”

Download (PDF, 3.76MB)

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  1. Sylvia Wedge

    What a great idea to have an intergenerational recipe workshop. To publish the results is a real bonus. I am constantly appreciative of all your fresh ideas on sharing healthy food in good company and spirits by involving all ages, volunteers, staff, board members and clients. Applause to all!

    1. Rachel Davis

      Thank you Sylvia, the workshops were a huge success and we hope to do more of them! We’ll be sharing more recipes from the book soon.

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