Recipes: Pasta and Polenta

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We’ve got another great set of recipes to share, as presented by the Piccioni sisters at one of our intergenerational workshops from the series: Learning From our Elders.

If you can get your hands on a pasta roller*, the Fresh Pasta recipe only calls for two ingredients but really takes a pasta dish to the next level and is a lot of fun to try! The Polenta with Sausage and Pork-Rib Sauce requires no special equipment, just a table and a group of hungry people. Finally, the dessert: Biscotti Con Mascarpone, Nutella e Coco, is a lot like tiramisu, with the added deliciousness of hazelnut chocolate and coconut. Yum!

Recipes and photos in the pdf below:

* 1 pasta machine for rent on sharingkit.

Download (PDF, 274KB)

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