Learning from our Elders: Middle Eastern Recipes

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This week we share two sets of recipes from last year’s intergenerational workshop series and cookbook Learning from our Elders:

Lebanese Mezze

Tabbouleh, Baba Ganoush & Hummus

“Mezzes are small traditional Lebanese dishes that are shared before the main meal. They must be made with the freshest ingredients and with lots of attention. At parties, we sit around a large table that is covered with more than 20 or so mezzes.

It’s beautiful and delicious! Mezzes are eaten with arak, a licorice-flavoured liquor, mixed with water.” – Mme. Bismar

Iranian Cuisine

Feta omelette, Beet, mint & yogurt salad, Meetballs with mint & yogurt

“Iranian cuisine is instinctive. My mother and I don’t measure ingredients. We base ourselves on our experience, but mostly on our palates!” – Mme. Pourafzal

Download (PDF, 902KB)

Download (PDF, 2.98MB)

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