Starting Seeds in the Fall

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Did you have big plans to grow veggies this summer? It’s not too late! Fall is a great time to start seeds and certain vegetables actually prefer the cool nights.

For avid gardeners, planting is not just a springtime activity. They often create a seasonal plan that involves seeding certain veggies on a weekly basis, so as to lengthen the harvest. We really like this simple garden plan, created by Semis Urbains, our urban agriculture allies in Montreal, which clearly explains how to make the most of a small garden throughout the growing season.

In August, the farmers at the Roulant plant lettuce, arugula, spinach and radish. You can do the same! Your little roots and greens will be very tender.

Planting tip: if the instructions say to soak the seeds, don’t skip this important step. Soaking shortens the germination time of the seed.

Wondering where to get seeds? Come on by the Roulant General Store! There are still seed packs available for veggies adapted to fall conditions.

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