Bee Movie Night

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The Santropol Roulant Beekeeping Collective invites you to their Bee movie night!


When: Thursday, April 19th, 2018 from 18h30–21h30
Where: 2nd Floor of Santropol Roulant
How much: Donations welcome

Program in English

Bees Hatch Before Your Eyes
1 min 8 sec, National Geographic
Witness the eerily beautiful growth of larvae into bees in this mesmerizing time-lapse video from photographer Anand Varma. Varma said the six-month project, for which he built a beehive in his workshop, gave him a new respect for the meticulous job of beekeeping.
Bees: Tales from the Hive
54 min, Nova
Exposes a bee colony’s secret world, detailing rarely seen events, such as the life or death battle between a pair of rival queens, and a scout bee’s mysterious dance that shares special “nectar directions” with the rest of the hive.

Program in French

Cyborg Bee
6 min 59 sec, Ruth Marsh
Film stop motion montrant la vie à l’intérieur de la ruche.
Les Abeilles Sauvages
43 min 14 sec, Jean Hart
Une incursion dans l’univers des abeilles sauvages, aux modes de vie étonnamment divers. Un documentaire de Jean Hart, considéré comme le meilleur réalisateur animalier allemand.



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