Project Imagination – a huge success!

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We recently had the pleasure of hosting an evening of art and conversation, in celebration of the work of George Harris, architect and member of our Meals-on-Wheels client community. This evening was titled Project Imagination and was the brainchild of the Roulant’s satellite student group – McGill Students for Santropol Roulant.

In their own words:

Project Imagination started out as just a concept that came about as the result of a conversation between volunteers and clients of the Meals-on-Wheels service. With the help of our team and the support of the community, it became a unique and inspiring event.

In the end, Project Imagination was more than just an art expo. George, the architect behind the featured art, told us, ‘This is amazing. This is exactly what I would be doing if I wasn’t diagnosed in the 80s.’ The next day, his roommate Rick called us to tell me that they all felt so rejuvenated. Rick mentioned that George woke up early and showed signs of motivation, something he has never seen in years.

Thank you to everyone who had a part in bringing Project Imagination to life and to everyone who attended this special event. We are moved by the amount of positive feedback we got and the conversations that were exchanged.

-Michelle Shi, Rachel Siu, Lauren Thompson, on behalf of McGill Students for Santropol Roulant

Thanks to all who came out to this amazing and inspiring event, to McGill Students for Santropol Roulant, and a special thanks to George, Rick, and David for sharing their work and life experiences with us.

Scroll down to see a gallery of photographs from the event and the exhibit. For a video summary, click here.

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