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After seven years at the Roulant, our Volunteer Program Coordinator Ben Finkelberg, will be leaving the organization in July.

In his own words:

“I have been fortunate during my time here to meet many incredible people involved with the Volunteer Program, and to welcome so many more. I have been continually impressed and humbled by the spirit and dedication of individuals who show up on our doorstep every single week with enthusiasm and a desire to help.

The Roulant would not be able to accomplish its activities, day-in and day-out, not to mention its mission without the participation of so many amazing individuals. And I certainly would not have been able to do my job without the support of each and every one of you – whether you volunteered one time or one hundred times.

During my time here, I hope that I have been able to help people discover the same welcoming and engaging environment I enjoyed so many years ago when I myself was a volunteer.” – Ben

If you are interested in applying to be the new Volunteer Coordinator position, click here to see the job posting.

Also, please pass by the Roulant, and thank him for all that he’s done, he really deserves it!

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  1. Andrea

    Ben, I will really miss you😪You have always been so welcoming & helpful. What will be your new adventure?

    Warm hugs,

  2. Gustavo

    Thanks for everything Ben. I remember when I met you at Santropol Roulant: you were very kind and enthusiastic about the organization.

    I wish you all the best always,

  3. Megan Webster

    Ben!! Thank you for seven amazing years of leadership and dedication. Thank you for all you have done for and with our clients and our volunteers. The Roulant has been so lucky to benefit from your expertise, energy and and commitment. Thank you x 1000!!!! I hope your next adventure is wild and wonderful.

  4. Miriam

    Ben, we will miss your awesome presence. You have always been so warm & welcoming. Thank you, thank you! All our best wishes. Please drop by to tell us about your new experiences.

  5. Alison Stevens

    Ben, it was a pleasure working with you, even though it was mostly at a distance. So wonderful that you were there for such a long time and were able to ensure that the Roulant volunteers had such a good experience – plus always coming up with new ways to engage them. I know your colleagues helped with that, but you were at the heart. Best of luck in your new ventures!
    (formerly Volunteer Bureau of Montreal, currently Volunter Canada)

  6. Atabak

    Ben … :(

    I will miss your presence at Roulant. Thank you for everything and all the best wishes.

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