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With the new containment rules, seniors in Montreal need Santropol Roulant’s services even more. Here’s how you can help your community.


You can sign up for a shift in our Meals-on-Wheels program HERE!

You can also sign up for a shift in the Urban Agriculture program HERE!

We ask you to call the Roulant only if you are already a volunteer to avoid limiting our essential service.


Concentrating all of our energies on pursuing the Meals-on-Wheels service increases operating costs while decreasing revenues from other activities. If you have the capacity, you can donate to your community. All the sums will be used so that the Roulant can continue its mission and feed the seniors in Montreal and people with a loss of autonomy or reduced mobility.

Follow instructions

We ask the community and the population to scrupulously respect the instructions issued by the health authorities, in order to protect the most vulnerable and limit the spread of COVID-19. Wash your hands regularly, do not wear gloves or masks if you do not have symptoms or do not know the protocols to put them safely, keep a physical distance from people when you are in a public place, avoid any indoor or outdoor gatherings, and limit your travel.

You can also see all the health and safety measures that the Roulant applies in its space and during deliveries.

Send a message of encouragement

You can always send a message of encouragement to the community and the team! All these messages help and brings comfort.

The community is much stronger united!

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