A Service Adapted For People with COVID-19

COVID19, Meals-on-Wheels

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Three clients of the Meals-on-Wheels program have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few weeks. Luckily, any exchanges that may have occurred between these clients and Roulant volunteers would have taken place when these three clients were not contagious.

While instructions for Meals-on-Wheels clients are to not open the door during a delivery, direct interactions with volunteers remains a possible risk—in particular for clients with cognitive issues. We are well-equipped to rigorously observe the required public health measures in order protect the health of all, but recognize that our service does not present zero risk for volunteers and Meals-on-Wheels clients. The virus can be particularly discreet and present itself unexpectedly.

We therefore remind volunteers and clients of the Meals-on-Wheels to strictly observe our recommended measures, while remaining fully aware of the risk, albeit low, that they accept by participating in the service.

The Meals-on-Wheels is particularly suitable for people returning home after hospitalization, due to COVID-19 or any other illness or intervention.

We thank everyone for behaving as though they were carriers of the virus at all times in order to protect the Roulant community. If we maintain this high level of diligence together, we will be able to continue the excellent work of keeping everyone in the Roulant community—and beyond—healthy and safe!

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