An Out-of-the-Ordinary AGM


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On May 28th, over 160 community members tuned in from all over the city, province, and globe for Santropol Roulant’s first ever completely online Annual General Meeting (AGM), making it the highest-attended AGM in Roulant history. In a time where we are more isolated than ever, we came together as a community and celebrated what we’ve been able to accomplish together in the past year. The evening sparkled with moments of reflection, joy and conversation as we participated in the Roulant’s democratic process as a group.

A Special Thank You

Adaptation has been a theme in all of our lives lately. Deciding to hold the AGM online is a choice many organizations have made. We made this choice with heavy hearts, because we wanted so much to be in the same room as all of you for this beloved event. As we sat down at 5:55pm before the camera rolled, not hearing your voices and feeling your presence was difficult. Then the magic of the Roulant community prevailed, your words lit up the chat, and we felt at ease again knowing you were there with us. Thank you for adapting with us, thank you for your patience, thank you for your participation. Every question, comment, click, vote, phone call, and piece of feedback made the night a great success. Your ongoing support and membership keep the Roulant rolling and growing.

New Faces on the Board of Directors

80 votes were cast, 7 of which were over the phone, 2 in person and even 1 on paper to elect 5 new board members. Choices were difficult to make this year, and winners were declared by only a few votes. We send our gratitude to the candidates for their courage, and for finding a way to showcase their personalities and skills without having a chance to meet with everyone as they usually would. As beloved friend of the Roulant Campbell Stewart explained to all of us, their participation is why we are able to have a democratic process. Every voice counts, and allows members to have a say in the journey forward as an organization.

Our congratulations go out to Alice Feuillet, Andrianiaina Rajaobelina, Caitlin Jenkins, Claire Aubert and Jenny Loughran. You elected these individuals to join Athanasios Mihou, Jon Kalina, Lorenzo Daieff and Mikaelle Daneau in providing leadership, direction, and oversight in the Roulant’s work in the years to come.

We send our sincerest thanks to Laura Howard and Tristan Khaner, our two outgoing board members, for their dedication and involvement during their time on the board.

You are always invited to read more about the work of the Santropol Roulant Board of Directors to learn more about what they all bring to the Board.

The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

The strategic planning committee presented the next plan that will guide the Roulant’s actions for the next few years. Watch Melanie present the 4 pillars of the plan in the video below or read the document here

The 2019 Annual Report

The annual report is now online! Presented under the theme of the environment, the annual report illustrates the impact and achievements of the Roulant in the community over the past year. Marie-Anne presents the main achievements in the video below, and you can view the full report here.

Your Feedback

Lastly, if you attended the AGM and did not get a chance to fill out the feedback form, we urge you to take the time to do so. This year especially, we need to hear from you as we reflect on our collective experience under new circumstances.

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

You can watch the AGM in whole or in parts right here :

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