Organic Baskets

New Baskets Formats for 2021!



Per basket for 22 weeks
    6 vegetables of your choice
    For 1-2 people
    $10 solidarity donation per basket
    Total of $647.70
    (includes the $18+tax contribution to Réseau des fermiers de famille)
    Tax receipt for the donation part
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Per basket for 22 weeks
    12 vegetables (includes customization)
    For 3-5 people
    $10 solidarity donation per basket
    Total of $1076.70
    (includes the $18+tax contribution to Réseau des fermiers de famille)
    Tax receipt for the donation part
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The season will extend from June 10, 2021, to October 28, 2021.

If we go with a home delivery option, it will be on Thursdays from 5 to 8 pm. The other option will be a pick up at the Roulant from 4 to 7 pm.

If the option we choose is not working for you, you will be able to cancel your registration and we will reimburse the deposit.

We will contact you as soon as we determine what delivery option we will keep for the 2021 season.

Meanwhile, be quick to sign up as the craze for organic baskets is stronger than ever. Be sure to receive fresh, local, organic produce by signing up now!


“At the Roulant’s Farm, we are a team of young farmers passionate about growing organic vegetable. We feel privileged to produce food on the island of Montreal and to share it with you! Every day at the farm is a genuine pleasure.”

-Virginie, Farm Manager.



To subscribe to the subsidized baskets, contact your farmers and the Roulant team by email

What’s a CSA share?




Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is based on the mutually beneficial relationship between you and your farmer. By paying for your weekly share of the harvest at the beginning of the season, farmers can purchase seed, materials and provide a fair wage for their employees. In return, farmers commit to growing a diversity of certified organic vegetables for farm members!

Our solidarity model




To increase accessibility to our CSA over different income brackets, we created a solidarity model. Farm members pay $ 9.00/ basket for their share and this surplus goes towards subsidized CSA shares for low-income individuals and families, and increased organic produce for our meal-on-wheels program.

A tax receipt will be made out for farm subscribers registered for the regular Baskets.

Santropol Roulant’s farm is part of the Family Farmers Network, also called Le Réseau des Fermiers de Famille, which is a network of over 100 organic farms in Quebec. Together we support local, organic and sustainable agriculture that is rooted in the community and connected to its clients.

The vegetables in our basket are certified organic by Ecocert Canada and come almost exclusively from our farm in Senneville. The variety changes throughout the season, and baskets are always overflowing with freshness and diversity of produce.

Frequently asked questions

We offer 3 sizes, ranging from 6 to 12 vegetables.
Yes, in up to 3 installments spread across the season.
The solidarity baskets are our way to make organic vegetable baskets affordable to all. We add a small, tax-receptable contribution to our regular baskets so that they subsidize 20% of our clients. Our solidarity clients can benefit from a discount of 20% or 40% from our regular prices.

Please send an email to And share with us how a subsidized basket would benefit you and your family either financially, in terms of food security or in terms of accessibility. Please indicate you ability to pay either with a 20% discount or a 40% discount

You are allocated one basket which you move to the end of the season. Limited to only 1 basket.
The first delivery begins on June 10th and ends October 28th.
3 options are on the table at the moment: Delivery at home; Pick up at the Roulant (with a premade basket); Pick up at the Roulant with a “market style” basket.
Yes, just send an email to with their name
Contact us at to find out more.

Comments 6

  1. Simon

    Hi, we have signed up for the bi-weekly basket last week but so far we haven’t received any instructions on the payment. When should we expect them? Thank you.

  2. Sabina

    We have signed up for the every two week basket, for which we paid last week. We are new to this and so I am just wondering whether we are supposed to receive some kind of confirmation that we’re good to go? Also, our first basket is on the same day as the weekly one, ie June 14? Thanks for your help!

  3. Silvana Peever

    I would like to sign up for the bi+weekly organic basket for this coming season, but I notice it is suspended. When will you be accepting subscriptions? How does one go about making payment?

    Thank you,

  4. Jeremy Stolow

    Hello. Are you selling garlic this year? In past years, I bought 50 heads of garlic from you, around this time of year. I have not found you on the Thursday PM market, so not sure how I could purchase this. I don’t see anything on your website. I’d be grateful for a quick reply to let me know if you are selling and if so how I can purchase. Thanks!

    1. JF Veilleux

      Hey Jeremy,
      We’ll get our numbers on Wednesday and that’s when we’ll be able to determine if we can sell garlic in bulk.

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