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Seeking transformation volunteers!

Food Preservation, Kitchen Workshops, Volunteering - Personal

Are you eager to spend more time in the Roulant kitchen?  Good news, harvest time and food transformation season are upon us! We’ll be turning delicious Montreal-grown fruit and veggies into non-perishable food items.  Think homemade salsa, dehydrated tomatoes, pear jam, kimchi and sauerkraut, just to name a few!  Anyone is welcome in the kitchen, experienced or not. When: Tuesdays, …

Job Offer: Food Transformation Work Share

Food Preservation, Job Postings, Local

Do you dream of a pantry stocked with the tomato sauce you lovingly made during the summer?  Are you eager to learn to make salsa so you can show our volunteers how?  Can you slice zucchini in the blink of an eye? If the answer is yes then the Food Transformation Work Share is for you! Come help our community grow their pickle-making …