Food related educational materials for youth

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Check out the following videos to learn the ins and out of being in a kitchen, why where your food comes from matters, and how to make healthy and delicious food choices.

Health and Nutrition: What impact does your diet have on your health?

A simple thing like eating, isn’t always so simple. Food choices can be influenced by culture, religion, access to food, taste, emotions and even social or psychological influences. With so many factors, how do we make healthy food choices?

This video will explore why we eat (sounds basic, but it’s actually really complicated), what influences our food choices and the impact of our diet on personal health.

The Harvest: From farm to table

Do you have a fresh food garden? If not, what you eat probably travels a long way to get to your plate. Along the way it will go through many different hands… each step forming a chain known as the food system. This video will help you make sense of where your food comes from.

The Meal: Food, community and the importance of cooking together

This video introduces basic culinary skills that are quick and easy to master, and offer a lifetime of benefit.

Curriculum for teachers

We’ve also prepared a curriculum to accompany the videos. In it, teachers who want to incorporate food-related issues into their classroom, will find ideas, lesson plans and recipes for success!

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