Amplifying Voices Video #2: Day-to-Day and Pastimes

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 Amplifying Voices is a video project that explores the lives and realities of six seniors who receive meals-on-wheels from Santropol Roulant.

Day-to-day and Pastimes: This video focuses mostly at time spent alone. What does a typical day look like, what brings pleasure and pride, and what is more difficult?


Who participated? Santropol Roulant’s meals-on-wheels clients and volunteers collaborated to create these videos. While the clients provided the content by sharing their rich stories and intimate details from their everyday lives, many volunteers of all ages interviewed, filmed and edited the videos.

Why watch? Meet Alda, Augustine and Anne. Get to know Edgar and his dancing marionettes, Jan’s idea of how his neighbours should treat him, Rosanne and her orchids and her view of seniors.

Amplifying Voices Credits                         Filming and interviewing

Alda Cadieux                                                           Ashley Duong
Rosanne L’Ecuyer                                                  Richard Spiegel
Augustine Girard                                                    Mayumi Robinson
Edgar Lion                                                                 Louis Beaucage
Anne Robicheau                                                     Tássia Camões
Jan Spaniel                                                                Lauren Kolyn
Claudia Atomei

Editing, transcription                                   

Rafael Fávero – Head editor
Jean Milliken
Martin Morin                                                          Music
Olive Bailey
Julia Evans                                                              Emilio Antonucci – “Gigue”
Swathi Meenakshi                                                 Septi – “La Desamortizacion de Mendizabal”
Claire Desbiens                                                      Pepe Frias – “Rita’s Tune”

This project was funded by the Canadian Government’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

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