A Holiday Thank You

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Volunteers, donors, clients and friends, we were truly touched by your generosity, kind gestures and gratitude this holiday season!

Over Christmas and New Years, you didn’t skip a beat dear volunteers, as you poured through our doors, serving up turkey dinner and tourtière, and delivering good food and cheer to clients who were eagerly awaiting a special holiday meal.

Your support for our holiday fundraising campaign was incredible – raising $34,339 toward the meals-on-wheels program and ensuring that clients living with a loss of autonomy have fresh, homemade food, delivered to their doors all year long.

We were also delighted to receive all of your cards, warm wishes, chocolates and cookies, which were appreciated by everyone who passed by Santropol Roulant over the holidays. Your kind words help us remember how much you give but also what you receive through your relationship with the Roulant and community.

“Thank you for welcoming me into your community and making me feel appreciated and useful… Always remember that you help break the social isolation of both your clients and volunteers – coming to Santropol Roulant is like getting a great big hug”Anon

One card reminded us that social inclusion is just as important for volunteers as for meals-on-wheels clients.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your amazing contributions all year long. Here’s to a great new year together!

New to the community and want to get involved? Here’s more info on how to become a donor, volunteer or meals-on-wheels client. Learn about our mission, meals-on-wheels program, agriculture program, or why we keep rolling over the holidays.

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