A Look Inside the 2016 Meals-on-Wheels Calendar

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(Calendar pdf below)

The 2016 meals-on-wheels calendar has arrived! Each year, we re-vamp our menu, based of survey feedback from clients, vegetable seasonality, and inspiration from our chefs and community members. We like to try a few new recipes each year, balancing vegetarian, meat and fish dishes, and tossing in a few fresh salads during the summer months.

A meal calendar is sent to each of our meals-on-wheels clients, allowing us to communicate important messages about the service with them, and, most importantly, so that they know which meal to expect each day. Some clients use the calendar to decide which days they want to receive meals based on their preferences. We also provide a vegetarian alternative each day and adapt recipes to meet various food restrictions.

New main dishes on the menu this year: Shrimp and Mushroom Linguini, Peanut Chicken with Rice Noodles, Cod Cakes, Mushroom & Rice Casserole, and Ginger Pork.

Thank you to Todd Stewart for designing the calendar, and to the local businesses who made the calendar possible: Ferme St-VincentRéservoir, and Solpak.

Download (PDF, 3.56MB)

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  1. Nicolas Hairabedian


    I am very interested in how you conduct your surveys for getting accurate and solid feedback from your clients. I too work in the food industry and have started a catering service. Would you be able to send me the survey you utilize? I am just looking for some ideas, and I think this would be a great start for my business.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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