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June at the Farm

From your farmer Clémence

There has been very little time to stop and appreciate the landscape, fresh strawberries and yummy greens at the farm lately. June is one of those months where field preparation, weeding, plantings, greenhouse seeding and harvest collide.

But last night, I was worried that the wind gusts might pull the anchors that hold our tunnels and the plastic off our new greenhouse, so I went out to check on everything. The wind was blowing hard and the strawberry moon was rising. I finally took the time to taste the sweet new snap peas, the juicy strawberries and appreciate the curves and patches of flowers that sporadically fill the fields. We are so fortunate to farm and care for this beautiful piece of land tucked into the forest and bordered by the lake Two Mountains. It’s such a productive and giving piece of land. We remind ourselves each day how import it is to steward and nourish it as it nourishes us.

This weekend we had our Annual Farm Brunch fundraiser. It was an opportunity for the farm to speak about the work we do. This year, we were fundraising to bring water and electricity to the farm. For the last seasons, the farm has used our neighbouring farm’s well and electrical system. As the farm grows and we seek to provide more for our community, the resources that were made available and were once sufficient have now become limiting. It’s a very exciting time in the history of the farm, where we are setting deeper roots.

See photos from the Farm Brunch here.

Recipe: Veggie Spring Rolls

This is a great recipe to use many of the veggies we have at our market and in our organic baskets. It’s a very easy recipe that takes little time and is quite popular. It’s a great way of eating all together! We normally make the rolls as we go. We place all the chopped up vegetables on the table and people get to make their own.

– Grated or chopped vegetables and herbs (cabbage, cilantro, kholrabi, parsley etc)
– Sautéd chard with ginger
– Cooked rice noodles
– Rice rolls
– Shrimp, chicken or tempeh (optional)

Sauce ingredients
– 4 tbs of Nut butter (like almond or tahini)
– 1 tbsp of Tamari
– 1/2 tbsp Maple Syrup
– 4 tbsp Sesame oil
– 2 tsbp Water
– Ginger to taste
– Garlic to taste

To make the sauce, blend all the ingredients until all the ginger chucks have been incorporated. Leave to the side.

To make the rolls, take the rice sheet and place in water for 10 seconds. Fill with rice noodles and choice of vegetables. Add sauce to the roll and enjoy!

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