2017 Monthly Giving Campaign – Roulant Roots!

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We are excited to launch our second annual monthly giving campaign – the Roulant Roots. No matter the amount you can afford to donate to the Roulant Roots, you can ensure that the Roulant community has access to good food and valuable connections throughout the year.

Become a Monthly Donor!

Above: Watch a short video featuring two current monthly donors, reflecting on what the Roulant means to them. Thanks to Tom Wity for the video.

Did you know?
  • In 2016, donors helped provide 22,506 meals to meals-on-wheels clients at a subsidized price!
  • In the same year, donors permitted 230 clients to connect with volunteers on a regular basis – decreasing their social isolation.

It is thanks to the support of our donors and 1000+ volunteers a year that veggies are grown in our gardens, food is cooked in our kitchen and meals are delivered to our clients’ homes. You make it possible for this important work to continue!

Become a Monthly Donor!

Three reasons for you to become a monthly donor:
  1. It’s easy – as easy as a one-time donation, but your donation goes much further!
  2. You guarantee that our services and activities can run smoothly year round!
  3. You build a long-term relationship with the Roulant community.

This spring, take action and become part of the Roulant Roots. Make a monthly donation and together we can build a strong, well-fed community!

Already a monthly donor?

Thank you! You are what keep the Roulant rolling. This spring, update your monthly donation amount, be it up or down. Your contribution helps build a strong and well-fed community and provide stability for hundreds of Montrealers.

Post a comment below and let us know why you chose to become a monthly donor!

Words from a monthly donor
“Since realizing just how simple monthly giving is for my budget and how much it helps the Roulant, I feel like I’m accomplishing two great things at once!”
Valérie, monthly donor

Become a Monthly Donor!

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