Monthly giving: A great way to stay connected

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As part of the Roulant Roots, monthly donors play an important role in keeping Santropol Roulant bustling throughout the year. Past board member, volunteer and monthly donor, Vani, speaks about her many roles at the Roulant and what being a monthly donor means to her.

“Being a monthly donor now is how I stay connected.”

Vani started volunteering at the Roulant when she moved to Montreal from Toronto in 2011. “It was the best thing I could have done in terms of integrating into my community and feeling a sense of purpose and sense of connection.”

When she started working full time, Vani took the opportunity to join the Board of Directors. That’s when she became a monthly donor. As a volunteer and a board member, Vani gained a sense of how her money was being used.

“It became clear to me that the needs of the organization change throughout the year and that a stable source of funding and that predictability is really important. It’s nice to be able to imagine how that money is being used at different times of the year.”

Make a difference year round!

As a monthly donor, “your contribution is flowing with the life cycle of the organization.”

“This is an organization that’s local, its in my community, and I know the lifecycle of the organization throughout the year… I can’t go three times a week and deliver meals to clients, but I know that I am giving in another way that’s really helpful.”

People can contribute in different ways, says Vani. “Particularly for those who have had past engagement with the organization, as staff, as volunteers, or clients, consumers, sometimes your life changes and your ability to give time changes.”

Being a monthly donor “is a really great way to stay engaged and continue to give and be part of the Roulant community.”

Stay engaged – become a monthly donor!

You too can help provide an important source of stability for your community! As a monthly donor, no matter the amount, You make a big impact on keeping our community nourished and well connected.

For just $1 / day, you provide 5 warm meals a month for an individual living with a loss of autonomy! These fresh, nutritious meals are filled with veggies from our farm and are prepared and delivered to the client’s door by caring volunteers year-round.

Become a monthly donor today!

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