2020, Appetizing Year!


Crédit Photo Sandrine Corbeil 2019

2020 promises to be an exciting year for the Roulant community. Without revealing all the surprises that the year holds, here is a sample of what awaits you.

Increased accessibility: The new entrance to the Roulant, including new automatic doors, will be ready for the AGM in March, we promise!

Taking the right direction: Thanks to increased accessibility, it will be easier for you to attend the AGM in a wheelchair or with strollers and the unveiling of our new strategic planning which will take us to 2022.

Improved space: Significant changes to the volunteer lounge will surprise you, especially for friends of the general store.

Policies for 2020: People who someday want to work at the Roulant (and those who already work there!) will be happy to learn that a new salary policy will be implemented very soon.

Growing skills: Specialized volunteer shifts, geared towards developing skills or social experiences will be offered for people passionate about gardening who particularly like to give their time in our downtown gardens.

A revised and improved menu: Teriyaki shrimp, turkey and cranberry salad, tofu with butter and 7 other new recipes will appear on the 2020 Meals-on-Wheels menu. The quality of meal preparation will be further improved by the use of new convection ovens.

A quarter of a century in the community: We will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Santropol Roulant together in a very large summer community celebration!

Permanent installation: The celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Roulant will not be held on the Terrasses Roy in front of the building, as it will be under construction all year round for the ambitious permanent pedestrianization and greening project. We look forward to seeing you there in 2021.

The Connected Roulant: Many of you have dreamed about it for years! We hope to be able to launch the Santropol Roulant application this year which will allow you to sign up for volunteer shifts directly from your cell phones!

Much more awaits you for a year that we promise to be nourishing, unifying, and attentive to the needs of the community. We hope that this was a mouth watering beginning of what is on the 2020 menu!

Happy new year to all of you,


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