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Meals-on-Wheels Manager

We’re looking for a Meals-on-Wheels manager who will lead the charge of expanding our Meals-on-Wheels program with the support of the volunteer and client sides of our Meals-on-Wheels team. If you have experience working leading people in a highly collaborative environment, and understand project management and program development in the social service sector, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! Working under the guidance of the Executive Director and the Human Resources Director, the Meals-on-Wheels Manager would set the agenda, track our progress and take the Meals-on-Wheels to the next level.

Our Culture

Get ready to immerse yourself in a mindset of gratitude and care, and to embrace uncertainty, nuance and imperfection. We’re a small organization with lots of activity, creativity and big ideas, and we’re focused on connecting people, authentic relating and living our values as best we can.

The Roulant treats people as gifts and takes a holistic and welcoming approach to our community of members. Our work culture is process-driven and all about embracing change. You can expect a polyvalent and open approach to all our work. It can be challenging at times, but we’re fortunate to have a workplace filled with a lot of love and care, and to be surrounded by a network of supporters that champion this effervescent and rich community project.

Picture yourself organizing a bike caravan of volunteers to the farm in the west Island, or delivering bouquets to our community members through the rain, or helping run our Meals-on-Wheels service, five days a week without exception. The Roulant is always rolling, there’s never a dull moment, and we can’t do it without you!  

The Requirements

  • Education (3-4 years) or course work in program development, project management, people management and administration OR a combination of experience, education and training equivalent;
  • Knowledge of databases and data management, conventional office software and spreadsheets;
  • Ability to express ideas clearly in both written and oral communications, bilingually in both French and English;
  • Ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines;
  • Artistic and creative ability an asset.

The Responsibilities

  • Managing the Meals-on-Wheels meetings, rotations and schedules, and supporting the team by jumping into operations (including program shift work);
  • Participate in recruitment, training and performance evaluation under the leadership of the Human Resources Director;
  • Determines performance indicators, as well as synthesizes, compares and analyses data on these indicators; accompanies program leads in data management techniques;
  • Collaborates with all projects of the Meals-on-Wheels program for the implementation of short and medium-term projects, and facilitates their progression and accomplishment;
  • Elaborates on and implements tools and systems, whether internal to individual projects (specific to volunteers or clients) or to the Meals-on-Wheels program;
  • Supports and monitors projects by elaborating timelines, budgets and tools of communication;
  • Operationalizes the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan on all the Meals-on-Wheels aspects, leading the strategic planning and execution process, converting plans into actions and measurable objectives;
  • Establishing timelines, intermediate objectives and the measures of success in coordination with program managers and the administration;
  • Measures and evaluates results and updates strategic planning documents as needed;
  • Represents Santropol Roulant at all pertinent concertation tables, consulting internally to determine and convey organizational positions, needs and communication objectives;
  • Reports and maintains records on all representation activities, preparing content for quarterly articles which show the impact of the Meals-on-Wheels to both internal and external partners;
  • Archives all information relative to public relations, punctual projects, evaluations and strategic developments.

The Pay and Perks

The starting wage for this full-time role is between $20.54-21.46 depending on experience and education according to the remuneration policy. All jobs at Santropol Roulant, whether seasonal, temporary, permanent, part or full-time, offer staff complementary benefits in addition to annual inflation-based increases including one week off per year for a holiday of choice, in addition to regular vacation time, paid time off for personal reasons, personal equipment allowances for some staff, and quarterly cash transfers to support wellness, leisure and investment. We also have leftovers in the community fridge sometimes, and all the dessert you can eat (sometimes even brownies or cheesecake!)

The Promise

Santropol Roulant is committed to going beyond non-discrimination in our hiring processes. We want to create a welcoming environment that allows all people to show up as themselves and contribute their best without harassment, microaggressions and exclusion. We strive to create a workplace where members from marginalized groups can contribute their talent and skills to our work. Join us in connecting people of difference, from all generations, using the power of community care, youth engagement and wholesome food.


The work would take place in an environmentally controlled indoor space, with limited exposure to hazards. The job requires mostly sitting, standing and walking. This job is particularly well suited to a person living with a physical disability, as it does not require heavy lifting, crouching, bending or using stairs. Our building is wheelchair accessible.

Apply Now

Fill out the online application form and submit your letter or interest and resume today! Make sure to mention the Meals-on-Wheels Manager position. Application deadline is January 30, 2021.

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