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5 Ways to Increase Your Seasonal Giving Impact

Featured, Fundraising

2021 has been a year of ‘more’. More need for food security and social inclusion in our community. More meals produced and distributed by the Roulant than ever before. More expenses associated with the increased activity.  But there is more room for impact, too. With the recent launch of our Winter Campaign, where we appeal to our community to help …

A look back at the farm season

Agriculture, Featured, Senneville Farm

The farm produced a lot of vegetables and fruit in 2021! The season started with a particularly warm month of May. Even before the baskets started, strawberries, arugula, lettuce and herbs were asking to be harvested! It’s a change from the cold springs that forced us to postpone the first baskets! This is a reality of farming; no matter how …

Together On the Frontlines

Featured, Fundraising

Today, we present a special year-end message from Pier and the team to highlight the work of the Roulant community as a frontline service, after a record-breaking 2021 that continued to show us how great the need remains. Between Gratitude and Concern Laura, Mike, Floriane, and Charlie make up the administrative team of the Meals-on-Wheels. They are the most familiar …

Thank you agriculture volunteers 2021!

Agriculture, Featured, Volunteering - Personal

The invitation was extended on October 1st to all those who have been involved in the farm, urban agriculture or the market for the fantastic work done over the season. Planting 5200 garlic cloves, farm Olympics, food and sunshine were all part of the celebration. A huge thank you for a wonderful season! Photo credits: Nazmus Syed/Santropol Roulant

A Disguised Volunteer Community

Events, Featured, Volunteering - Personal

On November 4, the famous Volunteer Appreciation Party was held. In addition to getting together with a Halloween theme, a carefully prepared snack was served to accompany the music, dance and storytelling performances! Thank you to the entire volunteer community and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Give another listen to Charlie and Mike’s creation 👇👇👇👇 Photo credits: …

The Bugs of Organic Certification

Agriculture, Featured, Politics

After landing on a sunflower, the round, scarlet ladybugs eats hundreds of aphids, which would otherwise suck the sap from the plants until the plant dies. The leaf beetle, with its yellow and black striped body, settles comfortably in a squash flower, plotting a plan to eat what would normally have fed our long awaited cucurbit. Since 2012, the Ferme …

A Season Coloured by 500 Pairs of Hands

Agriculture, Featured

A look back at the 2021 urban agriculture season Imagine a hot August day. The grass at the Cité-des-Hospitalières is dull, the plants are thirsty and you try to stay in the shade. The apples are crisp, the flowers are colourful, and the enthusiasm of five Hospitaller Sisters, about fifteen young people from Camp Robin Hood, and our coordinators Adrienne …

Fresh Ingredients All Year Long

Featured, Meals-on-Wheels

Since 2012, the Roulant has been one of the 288 organizations supported by Moisson Montréal, the largest food bank in Quebec. The only financial exchange of this partnership is an annual share of $5 which allows the Roulant to obtain quality ingredients all year long, free of charge. As a food bank, Moisson Montréal collects donations of food and basic …

SantroVélo is Getting Back Inside

COVID19, Featured, SantroVelo

We are excited to announce that for the rest of the 2021 season (until December 8th) we will be able to operate in a limited capacity inside the bike shop! Recall that since May, we have been working outside in open-air. We’ll be open to help you prepare your bike for winter riding. We will be maintaining existing prevention measures …

Consent at the Roulant

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At the Roulant, we want to create a space where everyone can be comfortable taking part in our community and a great way to do that is by upholding the value of consent. But what do we mean by consent? Find out! Consent can be understood as checking in with someone about their willingness to engage. While consent is often …

Wish List (for Social Change) 2021

Featured, Fundraising

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to the Roulant’s mission through your in-kind gifts of products, expertise or services. Although it is rare that the proposed items align perfectly with the needs of the Roulant, this type of contribution can be particularly valuable in offsetting the costs of the Roulant’s day-to-day activity or strategic growth. If you …