Determined to continue its essential service for the elderly people, people with a loss of autonomy or vulnerable people in Montreal, the Roulant has put safety measures in place to protect the community.

Updated: 2020-07-29

Building Access

The Roulant is closed to the public until further notice. Access to the Roulant has been restricted to staff, volunteers who come for their shift and deliveries. For any other demand call us at 514-284-9335 or email directly the person you are trying to reach (see Staff)

Instructions For Volunteers And Anyone Entering The Roulant

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

  1. Do you have any symptoms associated with the coronavirus? (fever, cough, pneumonia, sudden loss of sense of smell without nasal congestion, see all symptoms)
  2. Have you been out of Canada within the last 14 days (including the United States of America)?
  3. Are you or have you been in contact with someone who was sick with a respiratory illness, has returned from travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days or was a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19
  4. Do you follow generally accepted public health guidelines regarding coronavirus in all aspects of your life?

Become a Volunteer

The Meals-on-Wheels and the Urban Agriculture program are in great needs of volunteers to continue their programs and feed as many vulnerable people as possible!

External Resources

Government of Québec Website
Government of Canada Website
Santé Montréal Website
How to get tested in Montréal

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