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Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Looking for a special gift? Come visit our General Store to discover our local, preserved food selection that is made with love! Perhaps a jar of Montreal-grown and made apple butter is just the token of appreciation you were looking for? We have gifts starting at $6, and the gift tags are on us!

maman confiture

February Sale

Want to go all out? We can help you put together a 6 pack- of preserves. We’ve also laid out some decorating supplies so that you can express your loving feelings for your family, friends or sweetheart however you see fit!

Receive a 20% discount throughout the month of February with the purchase of 6 jars or more.


Our Food Preservation Program

Not yet familiar with our preserves? There’s lots to be excited about:

  • All the food we use in our food preservation program is grown here on the island of Montreal. The vegetables are grown at our farm in Senneville, and on our two urban agriculture sites. Fruit is provided by the Fruits Défendus  a volunteer-run urban fruit harvesting collective.
  • We reduce waste, and teach our community of volunteers to preserve food!
  • What we love the most about our preserves is that volunteers can be involved every step of the way, from weeding and harvesting on the farm, to picking fruit, to preparing canned, dried and fermented foods. The Roulant provides opportunities for volunteers to be better connected to their food sources and learn in a supported and inclusive environment.
  • If you would like to learn and prepare your own preserves, keep an eye out for canning and fermentation workshops happening from June to November 2016.

We love people all year long, not just in February! By purchasing items from the General Store, you are supporting our mission. Thanks!

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