A big thank you to automotive partners who keep us rolling!

Meals-on-Wheels, Partners

Thanks to the help and generosity of corporate partners, Santropol Roulant is able to accomplish key aspects of our work each and every day. For our Meals-on-Wheels service, our peri-urban farm and Farmers’ market, and our special events, we rely on two cars and a truck to be in good working order. This is made possible with the ongoing support of our friends at Montréal Auto Prix, Centre de l’auto Beaumont, and Globe Car & Truck Rentals!

For over ten years, Montreal Auto Prix has supplied us with a vehicle for our daily Meals-on-Wheels service, including basic maintenance and repairs free of charge. They have also let us borrow courtesy vehicles and have assisted us in finding affordable replacement vehicles for our fleet. A special thank you to Liliane, Mario, Constantino and the whole gang in St Leonard.

Since 2014, Centre de l’auto Beaumont has provided maintenance and repairs at a reduced rate, and has also lent us courtesy vehicles on many occasions. A special mention goes out to Jean, Daniel, Renald, and Jean-Pierre out at their garage near Metro l’Acadie.

Globe Car & Truck Rentals, has provided us with a free transport vehicle for one major event per year since 2015. They also offer us reduced rates on car and truck rentals as needed, be it for our Meals-on-Wheels service or other activities. Thanks to Sam out at their offices in Town of Mount Royal for helping us out!

We are very fortunate to have the help of partners to keep us rolling. Thank you!

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