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Amplifying Voices Video #2: Day-to-Day and Pastimes

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 Amplifying Voices is a video project that explores the lives and realities of six seniors who receive meals-on-wheels from Santropol Roulant. Day-to-day and Pastimes: This video focuses mostly at time spent alone. What does a typical day look like, what brings pleasure and pride, and what is more difficult?   Who participated? Santropol Roulant’s meals-on-wheels clients and volunteers collaborated to create these …

Amplifying Voices Video #1: Meet the Stars

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Amplifying Voices is a video project that explores the lives and realities of six seniors who receive meals-on-wheels from Santropol Roulant. Meet the characters: Our six stars share a bit about who they are, where they come from and what they’re about. Kateri Décary, Meals-on-Wheels Director at Santropol Roulant, tells us a bit about the meals-on-wheels clients.   Who participated? Santropol Roulant’s meals-on-wheels …

Apple Picking Recap

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On October 17th, a group of 60 Santropol Roulant community members (clients, volunteers, staff, donors and board members!) ages 8 months to 90+ years, went apple picking in Mont St-Grégoire. We dined on buckwheat crepes, toured the orchard by tractor, marvelled at the colourful leaves and picked a variety of apples.   To top things off, Pierre-Vincent and Mira-Clair treated us …

Intergenerational Apple-Picking Event

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Santropol Roulant is proud to announce that we’ve added a fourth intergenerational event to our 2013 calendar!  Our intergenerational events such as the holiday brunch, summer brunch, and sugar shack outing serve as unique opportunities to bring people together across generations and cultures. Next Thursday October 17th, meals-on-wheels clients, staff and volunteers will venture to a local apple orchard just 45 …

102 Year Old Base Jumps

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Happy Friday! Here’s a fun video to start the weekend off with a smile. Dorothy Custer just celebrated her 102 birthday by doing something that very few people would dare: base jumping off a bridge. When asked what motivates her to pull ‘stunts’ such as these, she simply replies, “I never thought of age, I just went on living and …

Get involved with a Video Project: Amplifying Voices

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Intro Starting in early 2013, we’ll be carrying out a video project called Amplifying Voices with the support of the Federal Government’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. Over the course of the winter and early spring, we’ll be conducting interviews with seniors, editing the footage, and posting 8 short videos that explore the realities of seniors. Through these videos and …

When Does ‘Old Age’ Start?

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Old man sitting on a bench in Melbourne

I found this interesting article by Chad Brooks on Yahoo! News in which he looks at a new study from Oregon State University’s Michelle Barnhart. The study of 80-something year olds suggests that, much more than age itself, our perceptions of an individual’s level of autonomy are what matters the most in defining the start of old age. Her conclusion, clear and concise, …

Vancouver’s Velo Vision: Safe Biking for All Ages

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Screen capture from film entitled, "Vancouver's Velo Vision: Safe Biking for All Ages"

We found this video on the website of and thought it worthwhile to share a simple methodology for testing if a city’s cycling infrastructure is well designed. “When you are going to evaluate the design of any cycling infrastructure, you don’t have to be a transportation engineer. Think of a child, a child that you really love. Once you have that boy …

Letter from Hélène Laverdière, MP

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Yesterday, we were happy to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons. In the evening, we had the pleasure of receiving a letter from Hélène Laverdière, MP and NDP representative of Laurier-Sainte-Marie. The publication of her letter below is meant to be non-partisan. If we share it with you today, it is to celebrate a choice of words that we …