The New Delivery Backpacks Have Arrived!

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Did you know that Santropol Roulant is one of the only meals-on-wheels in Quebec that delivers a service 5 days per week, by foot and by bike, to close to 300 people living with a loss of autonomy? To accomplish this daily feat, we are proud to announce the arrival of our newest fleet of custom made backpacks!

Our recent project – Check-up: A look under the hood of a meals-on-wheels – to improve the meals-on-wheels service, demonstrated a need to revisit the insulation capacity of our bags to ensure that we are indeed delivering a hot meal.  In the same revamp, we have updated our meal containers and opted for heat sealed plastic covers which reduce spills (keeping our new bags cleaner!) and keeping our meals at the ideal temperature, from the kitchen to our client-members doors.

How we made this happen

It’s been a long road to receive these 8 beautiful new red bags proudly displaying the Santropol Roulant logo. We’ve consulted members, perfected a prototype with the help of our designers and modified them based on the feedback of our experts: the meals-on-wheels volunteers!

Thanks to you, the volunteers who tested the prototypes, the donors and participants of the Harvest Gala, the individual donors, the Birks Family Foundation and to our friends at Protogear, we now have the new backpacks that will serve our community for the next 10 years and more!

Some of our favorite features include:

  • Waterproof vinyl, easy to clean
  • Insulation quality fit for polar expeditions!
  • Comfortable and adjustable to the different needs of our volunteers
  • Adapted for cyclists (no blind spots)- including a reflective band!
  • A classic red, easy to see from far away, and so you can recognize the volunteers you’ll want to give a high five to when you see them in the streets!

But it’s not over! 7 more bags are on their way and will help improve our service. Come see the new wall of bags and the slick new set up of our volunteer space!

Questions? Come chat with Kateri or send her an email!

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