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News From The Farm

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Each week the farm team prepares a newsletter designed for those who receive our fresh veggie baskets. In addition to a list of the week’s basket contents and stories from the farm they’re chock full of useful information about how to use the produce. We thought that last week’s edition of “News From The Farm” would be of interest to those who are …

5 à 7 Kitchen Workshop: Sweet and Savory Appetizers

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For our next intergenerational cooking workshop, Janice will share the secret of her best “bouchées” for a festive 5 à 7. After preparing the bouchées together, we’ll enjoy them on the Roulant’s rooftop terrace, accompanied by a glass of wine! When: Monday August 24, from 5 to 7 p.m. Where: Santropol Roulant’s community kitchen, 111 Roy East Cost: By donation Reserve your …

Haitian Cuisine : An Intergenerational Cooking Workshop

Community Workshops, Kitchen Workshops, Recipes, Seniors

Join Camille Chevalier, a client of our meals-on-wheels service, and his friend Witnicia for an intergenerational cooking workshop. Discover the bold yet sophisticated flavors that characterize Haitian cuisine during this hands-on workshop. Mr Chevalier will present three colorful recipes that we’ll prepare and eat as a group! Reserve now with Léa Maude (  When: Thursday, June 4, 2015, from 2 to 4 pm Where: …


Learning from our elders: intergenerational cooking workshops

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Santropol Roulant invites you to participate in a series of intergenerational cooking workshops. Over the coming months, elders of the community will lead cooking workshops on the topics of their choice, alone or in team with a volunteer. Over the course of the workshops, they will be invited to share their favorite recipes, secrets and techniques and impart their love for …

Cheesemaking is back!

Community Workshops, Fundraising, Kitchen Workshops, Recipes

The popular cheesemaking workshops with David Rotsztain are back! In the introductory classes, David will lead us through making fromage frais, paneer, fresh curds, and blue cheese. The theory and history of cheese, the politics of raw milk and dairy, other dairy ferments, and rennet-free cheesemaking will also be explored. You’ll take home samples of cheese, cultures, and whey plus …

Recipe of the Month: Roasted Tomato Soup

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Each month we’ll be featuring a recipe in our newsletter and on our website. We invite you to submit your favourite seasonal recipe, along with a photo and a few lines about why the recipe is special to you, who taught you to make it, or a memory of sharing the meal, along with a photo. Try out the recipes …

Torrential Tomatoes

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It’s practically raining tomatoes which is why we invite you, dear volunteers, to come help transform these terrific tomatoes into canned salsa, sauce and other preserves. On Wednesday September 11th, lend us a hand in the kitchen and maybe learn a trick or two about canning. There will be a second session the following week on September 18th. Sign up …

Kitchen Workshop: Fresh Pasta Making

Food, Fundraising, Kitchen Workshops, Recipes

Photo credit: Antoine Porcheron

At the Roulant, we’re huge fans of the Foodie Collective, a group of adventurous, competitive, and food adoring individuals who have been known to transform everyday ingredients into extraordinary dishes. On May 30th,  Foodie Collective members Katherine MacNaughton and Amanda Piedimonte will be in our very own kitchen leading a workshop on homemade pasta carbonara.  Learn how to make pasta …


A look back on our Tequila Tasting

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Held on our beautiful rooftop terrace last Thursday, our first ever Tequila Tasting fundraiser turned out to be a fun-filled gathering of friends and tequila aficionados. Olga from TequilArt Montreal spoke about the history of the drink, and the art of Tequila production. She showed us a live blue agave plant from which tequila is harvest, spoke about yield rates, …