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The SR Fresh Basket is Back!

Agriculture, Food, Fundraising, Senneville Farm

Winter is on its last legs and the time has come to sign up for a Santropol Roulant Fresh Basket and receive fresh organic veggies all summer long. New for 2014: Your choice of two pre-determined convenient  pick-up times: Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4-7pm two distinct formats: Small (1-2 ppl or 7-9 items per basket) or Regular (3-4 ppl or …

Stipend-based Work-Trade Opportunities at the Farm

Agriculture, Job Postings, Senneville Farm, Youth

Under the supervision of an experienced farm management team, these 4 work-trade positions are an opportunity to acquire practical experience in all aspects of small-scale intensive farming, while participating in promoting local food production and increasing its accessibility in the Montreal community. These are unpaid volunteer positions; however, we are offering a $500 stipend to work-trades who complete a minimum of …

Paid Part-time Internship Opportunities at our Senneville Farm Site

Agriculture, Job Postings, Senneville Farm, Youth

Organic farming is an exciting and challenging field and as part of our goal to engage our community and strengthen the connection between food, producers, and consumers we are excited to offer the following internship positions (4) to individuals with no prior farming or urban agriculture experience AND to individuals identifying to groups traditionally under-represented in the agricultural sector. With this …


A Freaky Farm Story

Agriculture, Senneville Farm, Stories

Out at the farm, the scenery is grey and the days are getting shorter. The fields and roads are muddy. The wind whistles and howls. Armies of mice ravage the fields, feeding on our forgotten crops and fattening up for the cold winter months ahead. The mood is dark and sombre. The end is near and a certain smell of …


Grassroots Remedies for Detoxing and Healing Contaminated Land


In many cities, vacant lots are being converted into urban farms, community gardens, and gathering spaces. This is joyous news! And, it begs the question: how can we work with the power of living systems to heal and transform contaminated and damaged land into nourishing and fertile places once more?This workshop will explore some of the DIY ways we can …


Farm tour!


Here’s your chance to visit Santropol Roulant’s farm in Senneville! It’s a unique opportunity to see what we’re doing out there and to get your hands in the ground! Expect a tour, a bird call or two, lots of fresh air, some field work and just the right amount of dirt under your nails!When is it? (I want to go!) …

The SR Fresh Basket is Back!

Agriculture, Food

Sign up now for a summer of local and organic produce from our very own peri-urban farm in Senneville. The SR Fresh Produce Basket follows many of the principles of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Members are asked to pay in advance for the season, thus sharing both in the risks and rewards that occur naturally in agriculture. In exchange, we commit to growing …

Urban Agriculture Summer Interns

Agriculture, Job Postings, Youth

Spring into Spring with our two exciting Urban Agriculture Summer Intern positions. This will be an 11 week long experience, one beginning mid-May, the other one beginning late June, during which you will have the opportunity to try your hand at all manner of gardening tasks. These positions are Young Canada Works funded contracts and applicants must fulfill admissibility criteria. …

Watatow! Come Set-up Our Garden

Agriculture, Events, Food, Volunteering - Personal

This is it! Your excuse to get outside, get dirty and get digging. Santropol Roulant’s garden big set-up day is coming soon! When: Friday April 26th from 10:00am to 4:00pm (postponed to Saturday April 27th in case of bad weather) *Please note: You don’t need to come for the entire length of the event, please feel free to arrive and …

Farm Management Apprenticeship

Agriculture, Job Postings

The application period for this position closed on April 1st. Thank you to all of those that applied! A beautiful 6-month position on the farm! All the details hereafter! Last day to apply is April 1st.


Mini-internships in urban agriculture!

Agriculture, Community Workshops, Job Postings

The application period for these positions closed on March 25th. Thank you to all of those that applied! {ERRATUM! If you have arrived at this page from our April 3rd 2013 newsletter, please note that we linked to the incorrect post on our website. Apologies! To find the correct job posting, please click here.} The mini-internships are back, and improved! …