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Calling all volunteers – come help out on a regular basis at the Roulant

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As you may know, our Volunteer Program has a two-tier sign-up system for those who help out in the kitchen and on meal deliveries. Some volunteers help out on an occasional basis while others do so on a regular basis. We are currently seeking to increase our base of recurrent volunteers who wish to have a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or other regular …

Job Offer: Workshare with the Food Preservation Program

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Would you like to take your canning, pickling and jam-making skills to the next level in a fun and collaborative environment? Do you want to share your passion for preserving locally grown produce with our volunteer community? Apply for our Food Preservation workshare position! In exchange for leading food preservation volunteer shifts a few times a week in July and August, you’ll go …


Food Preservation – Keeping it Fresh!

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Spring food preservation news: Reflections of the past year, improvements for the year to come, & your feedback requested! Though we’re still months away from the first harvests, we’re working hard at improving our two-year-old food preservation program. In January, Isabelle and Karine hosted a food preservation season debrief.  It was a great opportunity to identify what people love, and to use the brainpower …

Job Offer: Meals-On-Wheels Coordination Internship

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Here’s a chance to work with our client members and volunteers, learn about the daily operations of our Meals-on-Wheels (MoW) program, and participate in our collaborative management structure.  The MoW internship is an enriching way to spend 6 months at the Roulant! Read the document below for the full job posting. Please note that to apply for this position you must …

News from your friendly neighbourhood MOW

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As you may already know, the Roulant prepares and delivers 100 meals per day to folks living with a loss of autonomy. But what exactly does that entail, and how can we ensure that each person receives a meal that they can actually eat and enjoy? We asked Kateri, our Meals-on-Wheels Director: How does the Meals-on-Wheels (MOW) program respond to …

Recipes: Pasta and Polenta

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We’ve got another great set of recipes to share, as presented by the Piccioni sisters at one of our intergenerational workshops from the series: Learning From our Elders. If you can get your hands on a pasta roller*, the Fresh Pasta recipe only calls for two ingredients but really takes a pasta dish to the next level and is a lot of …

Rentals & Catering: what’s new at the Roulant?

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Did you know that the Roulant has a beautiful and diverse space for rent? Our second floor is ideal for conferences, workshops, or retreats! In addition, we’re thrilled to meet your full needs by offering an in-house catering service. Here’s what’s new in these two exciting initiatives: Space and taste: Improvements for the new year! 2015 was a year full of improvements …

“I relish you! ” say it with preserves

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and our General Store is well-stocked with local preserved food that is made with love! Perhaps a jar of Montreal-grown and made apple butter is just the token of appreciation you were looking for?  Want to go all out?  We can help you put together a 6 pack- of preserves. We’ve also laid out some …

Haitian Cuisine: Three Colourful Recipes

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Back in June, Camille Chevalier, long-time Roulant meals-on-wheels client, taught a workshop on Haitian cooking with the assistance of his friend Witnicia. This was one of the intergenerational workshops that was part of the Learning From Our Elders series. Packed with colour and flavour, these dishes are sure to warm you up: Pork Griot, Sticky Rice and Fried Plantains.

Our Volunteers in the News!

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We recently had the opportunity to host Myriam Fimbry, a journalist from Radio-Canada’s Desautels le dimanche, at the Roulant. Myriam interviewed Halia Flores, Lola Montes and Andrea Strom-Rancourt, three of our Meals-on-Wheels volunteers, about their involvement in our Volunteer Program. In particular, the radio piece focused on how newcomers use volunteering as a way to integrate into their new home and …

A Holiday Thank You

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Volunteers, donors, clients and friends, we were truly touched by your generosity, kind gestures and gratitude this holiday season! Over Christmas and New Years, you didn’t skip a beat dear volunteers, as you poured through our doors, serving up turkey dinner and tourtière, and delivering good food and cheer to clients who were eagerly awaiting a special holiday meal. Your …