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Farm Profiles: Co-Managers

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Santropol Roulant’s Senneville farm is located on the western tip of the Island of Montreal. The farm not only produces the bulk of our agricultural yield but plays an important role in educating Montrealers on the importance of organic and local agriculture. The farm is co-managed by Adam and Clémence, two passionate individuals who work tirelessly with farm staff and …

Thanking our farm volunteers

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We are so grateful to have so many volunteers come and join us at our peri-urban farm in Senneville and at the organic basket drop-off. Every Monday and Wednesday morning, volunteers take the train to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue station and take their bikes out to the farm. They come and help us harvest. It’s a precious exchange we have with them. It is always interesting to see …

Stories of Santropol Roulant – Atabak

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Atabak – Volunteer I moved to Canada five years ago from Iran. I didn’t know anything about Montreal at the time that I decided to move, not even that it was a French city. I chose to move to Montreal simply because I had a few friends here and when you immigrate to a new country and leave your family …

August Farm Update & Stories

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From your farmer, Clémence. August has arrived! We are so impressed by how quickly the summer is unfolding. We welcome August to the Sennevile farm with a bittersweet feeling. It seems like just yesterday we were putting our greenhouse up. July was a very busy month, especially the last two weeks as we finished the last wave of seedlings and planting of storage …

Stories of Santropol Roulant – Jean Fred


Jean-Frédéric, volunteer When I was nine years old, I was in a very serious car accident. Following the accident, I was in a deep coma for three weeks. It took me a year and a half before I was functional again. When I was sixteen years old, I began feeling depressed and asking myself why I had survived the accident. I …

Stories of Santropol Roulant – Christian

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Christian Scott, Urban Agriculture Apprentice Although I like to grow food, I am primarily interested in the link it has with community building. Working in the urban agriculture program is a great summer job: you sweat, work hard, and meet lots of people. It’s the perfect mix of community organizing, development, and getting your hands dirty. I completed my undergraduate …


Stories of Santropol Roulant – Ruth

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Ruth – meals-on-wheels client I am from New York and I moved to Montreal in 1992. I was born in the South Bronx but lived in different parts of New York as I grew up. I worked at the Saint Vincent Hospital for a while as a student nurse, but decided that nursing wasn’t for me. For some time, I …


Stories of Santropol Roulant – Laurine


Laurine – Volunteer I am a political science student on exchange from France for six months. It’s the first time that I have been away from Europe, but I decided to come to Montreal so that I could try courses in urban planning at the Université de Montréal. I chose to study political science because it allows me to touch on …

Stories of Santropol Roulant – Phil


Phil – Volunteer & Monthly Donor I came to Montreal eight years ago from New Brunswick to complete my undergrad. I fell in love with the city, and with my girlfriend Niamh, so I never left. Throughout my time at McGill, I would regularly see red backpacks zipping through town and I had a vague idea of what the Roulant …

Stories of Santropol Roulant – John

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I’m a fifty-seven year old and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s two years ago. I was born in Edmonton but my family moved to Victoria when I was only six months old. We lived in Victoria for a while but continued to move around, living in both Canada and the United States as we followed my father’s work. My father …

Recipes: Appetizers for a 5 à 7

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With the warm weather and longer days, enjoying a 5 à 7 with friends and family seems like the thing to do! A few months ago, Janice and Normand shared a few of their go-to recipes during an intergenerational kitchen workshop. The recipes are featured in our cookbook: Learning From Our Elders, and shared with you below. Enjoy!


Stories of Santropol Roulant


My name is Solmaz Nassiri. I am a new immigrant from Iran, having moved to Canada on my own in May 2013. When I arrived here, I didn’t know anyone. One of my English teachers introduced me to Santropol Roulant. Since then, I’ve come here every week. Before coming to Santropol Roulant, I didn’t have very much confidence but the …